Perfect SNH series plummer blocks are also horizontally split and are fully interchangeable with those of earlier SN and SNA series plummer blocks.

All features of standard and special shaft seals, interchangeability with 500 and 600 series for bearing with tapered bore and adapter mounting or with (straight) cylindrical bore etc. are available in SNH series plummer blocks also. Its more favourable cross section and improved design have resulted into greater strength as compound to SN or SNA series Plummer Blocks.

SNH plummer blocks have dowel pins at its mating surface to ensure correct assembly of base and cap. The bases and caps are not interchangeable. Like SNA series, the plummer blocks of SNH series are also supplied with standard shaft seals e.g., Felt seals {TC} or V Rings (TA)or V Ring on one end and End Cover on other end (ATA). Special shaft seals such as Labyrinth seals (TS) or double lip seals (TG), taconite seals (ND) can also be supplied against orders.

SNH 500 1200Ek, 2200Ek, 22200 Ek Bearing with Adapter Sleeves.
SNH 600 1300Ek, 2300Ek, 21300 Ek , 22300Ek Bearing with Adapter Sleeves.
SNH 200  1200E, 2200E, 21300 E , 22300E Bearing for Straight (cylindrical) Bore.
SNH 300   1300E, 2300E, 21300 E , 22300E Bearing for Straight (cylindrical) Bore.