Perfect SNA series horizontally split plummer blocks (bearing housings) are completely interchangeable with earlier SN type plummer blocks, concerning mainly to its center height, foundation bolt centres. Same bearing housings can be used for 500 and 600 series bearings having equal bearing outside diameter by changing its shaft seals, e.g. SNA 506 plummer blocks can be used as SNA 605 also where bearing O.D of 1206 K and 1305 K are equal e.g., 52 mm. Similarly same plummer blocks can be used for bearing with tapered bore mounted with adapter sleeve or bearing with (straight) cylindrical bore. However such plummer blocks are designated as SNA 500 and SNA 600 for bearings with adapter sleeves and SNA 200 & SNA 300 for bearings with cylindrical bores. Bearings seating width provides axial freedom which can be made axially located by insertion of suitable locating rings.

SNA plummer blocks are supplied with felt seals(designated and suffixed as TC) Rubber V Ring seals (TA) and One Ring and One end cover (ATA). These plummer blocks can also be supplied with Double lip seals (TG) or labyrinth seals (TS) on order.

SNA 500 1200 k, 2200 k, 22200 ck Bearing with Adapter Sleeves.
SNA 600 22200 cck Bearing for Straight (cylindrical) Bore.